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Goodbye, J.D. Salinger

It's hard to really know what to say about the death of J.D. Salinger.  So I won't say much.  Some will say he's been out of the public eye and publishing world for so long, he may as well have been dead for the last forty years.  I disagree.

He's still been important and, hopefully, still been writing.  I only hope they publish some, if not all, of it.  I wouldn't want to disrespect the man's wish for privacy, but there isn't much we can do now to violate his privacy.  
NPR has a lot of good remembrances, etc. of Salinger.  Check it out here.


I've tried to stay quiet on the subject, because I don't think I have anything too insightful to say about Salinger.  I love his writing.  There isn't much else I can say.  But I wanted to share a whole slew of great material about Salinger's life and work that was on Slate today.  A little bit of literary criticism, a little bit of fond remembrances, and a little bit of speculation about what might be locked away in Salinger's personal archives.