As an educator, I’ve taught writing, rhetoric, and literature to all levels of middle and high school students; written curricula for organizations and schools; and designed and developed classes, programs, and clubs. Courses I’ve taught include:

  • Theatre History (survey of Western theatre from Ancient Greece through the 20th Century),

  • Foundations of Leadership (humanities-based seminar focused on personal development and group dynamics through the study of literature and philosophy),

  • AP English Language & Composition (both through the canon of American Literature and a survey of nonfiction texts in English),

  • both British and World Literature (standard English classes in grades 9, 10, and 12).

As a consultant and advocate, I have worked with state and local government, community groups, and think tanks to research, educate stakeholders, and build policy proposals—with a particular focus on charter school authorizing, teacher preparation, and technology infrastructure in schools. I’ve participated in training in Design Thinking and early-stage entrepreneurship in education at 4.0 Schools in New Orleans and have served in a school-level leadership role to foster innovation in instruction and programming.

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