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Three-Day Hiatus

I'm behind.  I haven't written a new mini saga in three days, and haven't posted anything other than a half-assed mention of the six-word memoir, either.  It all (sort of) stops here.

First, the mini sagas:

I swear they're coming. I can get one to you tonight.  Just give me ten, fifteen minutes; I'll have one installment to you right away.  Three more tomorrow.  I promise.  Just wait here.  Start counting; I'll be back before you reach 900.  Three more tomorrow.  They're coming, I swear.

See?  One down.  I don't think I have any others in me tonight.  But I will probably write three tomorrow.  That's the goal, at least.  And, unlike the narrator above, I'm not afraid that you're going to break my kneecaps or anything.

Next, what I've been reading:

I do deserve a little credit, because I have at least been thinking about the blog in the last three days, even if I haven't really been posting.  The easy and obvious excuse is that I've been sort of sick all week, so my evenings have been spent being pretty still.  This isn't much of an alibi, I know.  Inaction should give me ample opportunity to write something, but I didn't feel very creative.  All I really wanted to do was wrap myself in a blanket and lie on my couch, sleeping, watching The West Wing and reading.

Reading.  That's the other reason I haven't been posting.  I've been pretty wrapped up in the book I'm reading right now, The Devil in the White City.  (One more blog point for me: I added a text-box for what I'm reading right now.  Hopefully this will give me another incentive to read more than one or two books a month.  I'm making progress...)  This book is awesome.  It's refreshing to read some nonfiction again.  It's been a while.  I realized--just now as I writing that last sentence--that this particular transition from fiction to nonfiction makes perfect sense.  Let the Great World Spin was a fictional account whose characters and plot revolve around an actual historical event.  The Devil in the White City is an historical account that's written with a novelistic storytelling flair.  It's the style that really makes me love it, I think.  But the topic is pretty damn cool, too.  The chapters alternate, more or less, between telling the stories of the architect in charge of designing the World's Fair in Chicago in the early 1890s, and the murderer who ravished the same city at the same time.  That's about all you need to know for now.  Read it.  I'm about a third of the way through, and I intend to finish it this weekend.

One more piece of progress.  (Who called my last three days a hiatus, anyway?)  Today I officially registered the domain www.broncofashion.com.  That's now the official home of this blog.  Of course, we're still hosted here on Google's blogspot, but now there's an actual domain name to grow into.  Of course, since I'm pretty much the only person in the world who reads my blog, it may just be another bit of self-indulgence.  But the domain name only cost $10 a year (thanks, GoDaddy.com!).  So I'm cool with it.

Enough for now.

The Devil in the White City