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Back on the Horse


It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything to post here. Since the beginning of April, one post on how I was gong to start Script Frenzy (which I didn’t), and one mini saga (50 words). I’ve started bits and pieces throughout the month, but nothing sustainable. Leave it to Twitter to give me the kick in the pants I needed to start writing and not stop—no matter what came out. 

Enter @10MinuteWriter. With just a quick suggestion, a handful of folks on Twitter were having an #amwriting party. So here I am, writing.



In February and March, I felt I’d really hit my stride. I was reading nearly a book a week, and that left me with plenty to write about. And the beginning of April felt like a good start. Easter weekend meant a ride down to North Carolina. A Carolinian weekend meant a Saturday morning visit to Davidson. A Saturday morning visit to Davidson meant a walk through the local bookshop, a friendly elderly proprietress, and a recommendation to read The Art of Racing in the Rain. I’ve been meaning to write about that bookstore all month.

The next weekend meant a ride down to South Carolina for a bachelor party. A cool breeze and a beach-facing deck gave me plenty of time (between hangovers) to read. I finished The Art of Racing in the Rain and immediately picked up The Girl Who Played With Fire. Momentum. I rolled on. 

The next weekend brought an unexpected business trip to Texas. Plenty of time on the plane, I thought, would mean making up for the last couple weeks when I spent hours in the car, followed by hours in bed, recovering from the car. Airplane time turned out to be about one-third reading, one-third napping, and one-third chatting with three exceedingly interesting people on the final leg of my trip back home.



It all boils down to this: After starting the month on a reading/writing high, I crashed hard. But I’m back. This has been a valuable half hour. I’ve written some words, and now I’m going to read some. I don’t expect to finish before tomorrow, but I can knock out a good bit more. Hopefully that’ll be a good head-start for May. If nothing else, I’m at least back on the writing horse—with a few reminders of what I’d hoped to write this month anyway.



- A description of the bookshop in Davidson

- Reflections on The Art of Racing in the Rain

- (Maybe) end-of-month thoughts on The Girl Who Played With Fire so far.

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