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Scripter's Block

I’ve never even been interested in writing a play, or a screenplay, or a TV show. Never once had the slightest inkling to write a script. I’ve watched a lot of movies, a lot of TV, a lot of plays. I’ve taught classes whose whole point was to read plays, I’ve used clips and excerpts from movies and TV shows to drive home thematic points when I was a teacher. I’ve loved reading, watching, discussing; but I’ve never wanted to write any of it.

My interest is piqued now, though, by Script Frenzy. I learned about it a week ago—read the website, dismissed the idea, and tried to put it out of my mind. But I kept coming back to the website. Now, one day down and without having put down a single word, I remain intrigued.

The problem is that I don’t even really have an idea. Hardly a kernel, a sniff of a character, but nowhere to take him and very little for him to say, do, or think. 

But I’m going to keep on thinking, and maybe some words to write will pop into my head. And if I’m persistent (and lucky) I might just have 100 pages 30 days from now.

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