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Help Teach Kids in Louisiana About Poetry (from wherever you are)

A friend and former colleague of mine has started the wonderful Louisiana Poetry Project primarily to encourage students of all ages to read poetry and to provide a resource to teachers who want to teach poetry. Moreover, Louisiana Poetry Project focuses on the wealth of poetic talent and experience from the state of Louisiana. 

If you're anybody, please visit the website and take a look around to learn about the project. If you're a current or former educator and/or poetry enthusiast, and would like to contribute to the project, they are actively and immediately seeking lesson plans for next week's (and later) poems. Contribute your brains instead of your dollars!

I'm more than happy to lend any assistance I can so that you can lend any assistance you can, including but not limited to:


  • putting you directly in touch with LPP so that you can submit a lesson plan
  • helping you flesh out your idea for a lesson based on one of the poems on the site
  • taking your idea for a lesson and writing it myself and/or forwarding it to LPP so someone else cna write it
  • something I can't think of now but you think will be helpful to you


If you're interested, contact me, and we can figure out the details.

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