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An Update on TeachYALit.com

Slowly but surely, we're ramping up some content for TeachYALit.com - The YA Lit Review. Here's what's happening so far:


  • Searching old hard drives for a rationales I wrote for teaching certain books and genres that will go up soon.
  • I'm about halfway through Cory Doctorow's excellent Little Brother, which will be reviewed very soon.
  • I'm about a quarter finished with writing a review of Rebecca Stead's excellent When You Reach Me, which will be posted as soon as I've finished writing it.
  • Trying to keep abreast of and post news and notes relevant to YA lit, such as The Guardian's list of Top 10 Banned Books in American schools and libraries.
  • There's a list of books I plan to have reviewed on the website as soon as I can. Some of them I'm currently reading, some I've recently read, and some I'll need to read all over again to be fresh enough to write a decent review. But they're coming.


In the spirit of full disclosure, I should let you know that by "we" above, I mean "I." Let me know if you'd like to help by contributing reviews, lesson plans, or general suggestions for the site and its content.

On Banned Books

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