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Colearning, Weeks Five-Eight: Posting Hiatus

I’ve taken a few weeks off updating for a variety of reasons:

  1. With the effects of the literal floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes--plus the effects of the figurative floods, hurricanes and tornadoes of standardized testing--the school schedule has been bizarre recently.

  2. Because my wife is now on bedrest trying to keep our baby cooking a while longer, I’ve been overwhelmed with domestic duties recently.

  3. Because we have been making some adjustments to the colearning procedures in the midst of all this chaos, I want to see how things shake out a little bit before commenting.

If I posted weekly, I’d end up repeating myself. So I’ll be back--hopefully with some reflective commentary from the colearners themselves--at the end of the quarter.

Meanwhile, the first episode of the Exportable podcast has been posted. Maybe go check it out.

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