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Teach For America One Step Closer to Central VA Region


It took until almost 10pm to get to that part of the agenda, but the RPS School Board voted last night to approve their administration pursuing a relationship with TFA, stipulating that TFA account for a maximum of 10% of new hires per year, only in hard-to-staff positions. The Board further agreed to provide philosophical guidance to the administration about how TFA corps members should be used in the district, should they decide to move forward with a partnership.

What this means for RPS

  1. Nothing is really set in stone. The Board vote did not commit to partnering with TFA; it authorized the superintendent to further explore a relationship. If the administration decides they would like to partner with TFA, that final contract would still need board approval.
  2. The 10% cap suggests that TFA would expect to have 20-30 corps members hired and placed by RPS administration per year, assuming the partnership is ultimately formalized.

What this means for TFA:

  1. They take a step forward in the process of partnering with a key school district in Central Virginia. This will give them a major boost in their ability to fundraise. Even without a formal agreement, this Board vote is a strong signal.
  2. They likely begin tagging accepted corps members for potential placement in RPS in the 2014-15 school year. 

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